life update

Just a few pictures from recent months to make up for my absence. 

Summer went by so quickly, I didn't even get a tan. 
Currently freezing in NYC winter weather, but looking forward to the holidays.

Got a new job but not much new to update on. 
Some traveling coming up which I'm excited about. 

Let me know what kinda of posts you would like to see me do! 



july playlist

providing tunes for y'all.

hopefully it will help you cope with the heat, and make you wish you were on an island somewhere, sipping piƱa coladas.


much love

hot hot summer

hi loves. 

a few pics from the past month or so. 

going through some life changes right now.
ending an old chapter and starting a new chapter.
it hasn't been an easy year but trying to make the most out of it. 
my bday was about a month ago and currently going through a mid-life crisis situation. 
but bare with me.  
i'm just figuring out life and trying to enjoy it at the same time.

remember, whatever you're going through in life, never go through it alone. 
when you've reached a low point in life, things can only get better. 
have faith in the universe and have faith in yourself. 

nyc is so hot and humid!
i'm sweating in places i didn't even know i could sweat.
you can't wear any nice clothes because they'll just get ruined. 
i only try to go out at night when the weather is slightly more bearable. 
i miss wearing jackets, pants, jeans, leather...
so pretty much over this summer heat and ready for fall. 

let me know in the comments what kind of posts you would like to see in the future!