summer beauty edit

hi y'all.

wanted to share some of my summer beauty favorites.

I get frizzy hair in the summer and this gel tames my hair perfectly. Also makes it silky soft. 
This smells so delicious I just want to eat it (maybe don't eat it tho). But great mask for hydrated skin.
I love spraying this all over me before I run out of the house.
Red alert! I have found my all time favorite lip gloss/lip balm. It smells like coconut heaven, is glossy, and hydrates my lips. So good! 
I need to use a gel-based moisturizer in the summer because I have oily/combination skin. Smells heavenly and works! 

Again with the coconut...So easy to spray on and smells like coconut. What more could you ask for. 
I don't really get bags under my eyes but I'm scared of getting them so I use this solution to wake up my skin in the morning. Seems to work.
This fragrance is my favorite both in men's and women's scents. The women's one is a little more sweet so it makes me think of summer.
I really don't use foundation but I like using tinted moisturizers. This one matches my skin very well and has SPF (super important).

So I wanted to test this one out since serums are a huge part of my beauty routine. I got a travel size and I'm already running out of it. Makes your skin glow and feel super soft.
I'm trying really hard to protect my skin more from the sun and this is a much stronger sunscreen for my face than I've ever used before. It's very lightweight so doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything.
Pretty sure I've featured this product before on my blog. But it is still my favorite and I use it twice a day.
This brand is super affordable and has some pretty cool skincare products. I like using silicone primers under my makeup and this one works so well.

Hope you enjoyed these beauty favorites for summer.
Lemme know if you'd like to see more beauty posts.




spring has finally arrived to NYC! 
this has been one of the longest winters I can remember! 

i started a new job and have been kinda busy with that.
but looking forward to this summer. 
my bday is in 3 week or so. whoop whoop.
and i have so many things i wanna do and places to visit just in nyc.
no need to travel far, everything i need is here in one island. 



lost and found

happy new year ! (three months late) 
so sorry guys for another long break.

it's been a crazy few months with switching jobs, personal drama, etc etc.

But I wanted to share a few random images from the past few months. 
i've tried to adventure more and really take advantage of what this city has to offer. 

will be back soon with more content! 

love y'all.