some saturday inspiration

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Just some random Saturday inspo to help me study for my midterms.
No new pics for a while since I really don't have a life at the moment haha.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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weekend inspo

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Another weekend, another inspiration post.
Get your furs and sequins ready for the night, and your pajamas ready for lounging poolside. 
Like a good song says: Play hard, work hard, keep partying like it's your job. 

Enjoy the weekend my amigos !!

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top of the rock pt 2

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Just in case you forgot how beautiful New York is...here's a reminder.
The 2nd pic is of Central Park. 
It looks so strange in the middle of the Urban Jungle.
But I wouldn't change a thing about it!

Happy Saturday!
May it be a wild one;)


ready for the weekend!

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Ready for the Weekend!

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top of the rock

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I met up with a friend from 13 years ago. 
She took me to the observation deck at Rockefeller Centre.
It was beyond amazing.
I could see my apartment, I could see pretty much everything in New York and beyond.
I regret the fact that I haven't been there yet. 
But I know I'll be there many many more times!


San Gennaro

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Last Sunday we visited the San Gennaro festival in Little Italy. 


skin and palm trees

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Random inspiration that just happens to all be in black and white.
Palm trees, leather, prints. 
Just a few things I'm into right now.

Happy labor day !!

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life wisdom

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Explore Like A Boss.
Go ahead!

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weekend inspo

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Since I have no access to my own photos, I'll just post inspirational pics.
Leaving to Stockholm on a cruise.
Love love love that city.
So stylish and chic.


pics from here


weekend inspo

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I basically chose random pics that somehow inspired me.
Something about these pics just gives me inspiration for future plans, fashion, and adventures.

Going to enjoy my weekend with the help from some DJ's.
Pics to come later!

eNJOY your weekend!

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