bang bang, my baby shot me down

 photo Wildfox-Swim-20124_zpsf911ba2d.jpg
 photo Abby-Brothers-Smug-Magazine-March-20134_zps1e2f7f11.jpg
 photo Today-Blue25_zps1c02498d.jpg
 photo Akila-Berjaoui-Libertine9_zps87b5d563.jpg
 photo Abby-Brothers-Smug-Magazine-March-20135_zps294cd8f2.jpg
 photo Wildfox-Swim-201216_zps84daf0bf.jpg
 photo Akila-Berjaoui-Libertine8_zps89b68757.jpg

These pics just make me want to lounge in the pool, wear fringe shorts and live care free. 

I don't support guns, but I just think they make great jewelry (and good props in pictures!).

sources: unknown, wildfox
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