baby let's be adventurers

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More pics from Maine.
It has still been raining but last night we got a glimpse of sunshine just in time for the sunset.
It was heavenly.
Today is my last day here before I move on to a different adventure.


the memories will last forever

Yesterday I lost my best friend. 
For 15 years she made me laugh, she made me smile. 
She was always there when no one else was.
As an only child, she was like a sister to me. 
Just 6 months ago, I lost my other cat, her brother. 
Now both of them are gone. Forever.
Looking down from cat heaven.
All I have left are the bittersweet memories. 
I will cherish them and keep them in my heart forever.


b-day inspo

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I love having my birthday in the summer.
School is over and the weather is warm and everybody is just in a good mood.
I'm looking forward to swimming pools, sequins, and late nights sipping wine.
I don't feel any different than yesterday. 
Still the same child at heart. 

pics from my pinterest boards