top of the rock pt 2

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Just in case you forgot how beautiful New York is...here's a reminder.
The 2nd pic is of Central Park. 
It looks so strange in the middle of the Urban Jungle.
But I wouldn't change a thing about it!

Happy Saturday!
May it be a wild one;)


ready for the weekend!

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Ready for the Weekend!

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top of the rock

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I met up with a friend from 13 years ago. 
She took me to the observation deck at Rockefeller Centre.
It was beyond amazing.
I could see my apartment, I could see pretty much everything in New York and beyond.
I regret the fact that I haven't been there yet. 
But I know I'll be there many many more times!


San Gennaro

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Last Sunday we visited the San Gennaro festival in Little Italy. 


skin and palm trees

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Random inspiration that just happens to all be in black and white.
Palm trees, leather, prints. 
Just a few things I'm into right now.

Happy labor day !!

pics from my pinterest!