holiday playlist

Hey y'all.
Just wanted to share some tunes i've been listening to.
perfect songs to relax in bed or dance around in your sequins.

happy holidays !



oops..i did it again

Oops. I disappeared again.

But I'm back (once again) and I'm gonna try my best to blog frequently! 
The new year is approaching, i'm in the holiday spirit, and i've got a bunch of exciting new projects coming up.

But for now, enjoy some of my current inspiration.
All about the details.
Minimal, lace, leather, sexy, sporty, and glamorous (of course).

In the meanwhile, be sure to follow me on everything. 



bonjour once again

 photo 11_zps0e1ae929.jpg
 photo 5_zpsb3e1c252.jpg
 photo 2_zpsb81364cc.jpg
 photo 14_zps03e19fe1.jpg
 photo 13_zps586d3692.jpg
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 photo 24_zps05b6d2db.jpg
 photo 1_zpse32518da.jpg

It's been a while.
Sharing some inspiration with y'all.

I've fallen in love with minimalism. 
I'm all about denim, leather, gold, basic tees, sneakers and skaters, black/white/grey, lace and messy hair. 
Nothing to the excess.
Less is more. 

This whole summer I've been getting rid of my clothes and focusing on quality instead of quantity
I sort of did a detox on my closet and it felt oh so good!

I'll try to post new pics ASAP. 
In the mean time you can follow me on INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST, or my INSPIRATION INSTAGRAM if you like. 




summer tunes

Hey y'all!
I just wanted to share a few summer sounds that I'm listening to.
Summer music is all about good vibes and imagining yourself on a beach in the Bahamas (even though you're not..).

Enjoy !!



birthday inspo

 photo 7_zpscd5caaaf.jpg
 photo 5_zps19386fd8.jpg
 photo 6_zps62321596.jpg
 photo 4_zpsb99f6660.jpg
 photo 18_zpsecf4f1ba.jpg
 photo 19_zps93a23d8d.jpg
 photo 2_zps31cdad2d.jpg
 photo 9_zps3751d638.jpg
 photo nh1670_zpsd3202fa0.jpg
 photo 27_zps3cdf2280.jpg
 photo 29_zps3ba37354.jpg photo 30_zpse91bb316.jpg
 photo 8_zps428e0a28.jpg

It's my birthday!
I'm 22 years young.


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Happy to say that I'll be in Finland this summer.
It will be a short visit but excited to experience the midsummer nights, gorgeous nature, and juicy berries.
I'll spend the rest of my summer in New York for the first time ever.
So lots of new experiences on the way!

Enjoy your day!


drunk in love/au revoir

 photo 76181a32c9039bbedf2d6485d396d09f_zps40b11e81.jpg
 photo fba6bd21dcd7028003b87a0228810973_zps500b4d39.jpg
 photo bdc5998cf898c58ee78b56dd09e1875b_zpsd3bfc1cb.jpg
 photo 8d3a653c990dfd6007e262f06a977ff0_zps2501b0e1.jpg
 photo de6c4d3f012ea4b4d7324fbeee07a31c_zps54c34b68.jpg
 photo 85600674b0098f1511a674b204710ddb_zps7a623a83.jpg
 photo d5c3214be6e5a08c6d994993d70d5037_zps1fd96f30.jpg
 photo 80ef0117a11c5b15a51b5bdfb01e5df8_zps2c210ddc.jpg
 photo 35182b8852cb7f4787a5c50cdbd2f9d6_zps77edc373.jpg
 photo ec506712332de5423e2008e1c2c13c93_zpsfa5ff856.jpg

Long time no see!
I've been MIA for a while. Sorry.
I came back from Australia, school began, New York has been abducted by snow multiple times, and fashion week happened.
But somewhere along the ride I also lost inspiration for blogging. 
So I'm taking a break to figure out my next turn on my blogging journey.
I leave you with some current inspiration: metallics, tan lines, pastel hair, gold chains, and tattoos.

I'll be back sooner or later.
Au revoir.