bye 2015

These pictures don't really represent my year of 2015.
Most of them are a few years old.
I just wanted to post a collection of pics 
before the end of the year.

2015 was pretty interesting for sure.
Met new people, had some heartbreaks, graduated from college, 
but most importantly
learned a lot about myself and life.

I'm looking forward to 2016.
It's an even number so that should be good? Right?
I have a lot of new adventures coming up.
It's both scary and exciting.
But living on the edge and not planning too much ahead.

I wish y'all a happy and healthy new year.


beautify me

I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty products.
I featured some of my current obsessions for skincare as well as hair. 
These are also perfect holiday gifts for someone special or just for yourself.

I always wear my hair down 
but this spray adds that beach look that looks so effortless. 
And it smells heavenly!
I need an extra boost for my skin, hair, and nails 
and this is the perfect product for that. 
It makes my nails strong, my skin glow, and my hair shine! 
Couldn't ask for more.
I don't wear much make-up but when I do I use this primer as a base.
It's perfect for my skin since it's oil-free. 
I love this product. 
I use it 2x daily and it balances skin tone and adds a fresh glow.
One of my favorite brands for skincare.
But this product is perfect for extra skin hydration 
as well as for a healthy glow.
In the winter this liquid product is so necessary.
I'm a sucker for good smelling beauty products.
This one smells so good I wish it was edible! 
It's a hand cream that smells like Cookies and Cream.

Non-beauty products:
The Italian blogger/fashionista has made the perfect
phone case.
It comes in other colors as well but the silver is my fav.
9. Fur Pom-Pom Key Chain (similar one)
This baby pink color goes with all my handbags. 
Love it.


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big city life

A few shots from my daily life in NYC.
Walks down 5th ave, running late to school, 
and waking up before the sunrise.
There's a throwback photo from Australia in there, too. 

Loving my new black ASOS studded leather boots. So chic.

My last few days of school before I graduate. unreal! 

Enjoy your week! 


days go by and i miss you

Winter has been a joke so far.
Warm days and warm nights.
The city is lit up.
Flashing lights.
Won't be long until you're here with me.
my darling, new york city.




Ciao my friends.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. 
I've been finishing up my final semester of school.

Here's a few pics, some old and some new. 
I need new adventures so I can give you fresh and exciting pics!

That's all for now.
Will be back very soon! 

Meanwhile, enjoy the holiday spirit around you!
Ho ho ho! 



sunsets and darkness

In my opinion, New York is always beautiful. 
But the city becomes even more mysterious and attractive during sunsets and nighttime. 
The lights go out and there's a whole new city to explore. 


ps. I will start posting more again..sorry for the delay. 


5 random facts

I decided to write something for a change.
I wanted to introduce myself a little bit more with words instead of pictures.

So here it goes.
6 random facts about me.

This probably isn't shocking if you've seen any of my NYC photos.
But I honestly couldn't imagine living anywhere else in the world.
New York and me just belong together. Forever.

2. I don't know how to whistle.
Not sure why this bothers me, but apparently almost everyone knows how to whistle. 
I can whistle by inhaling but then I run out of air and faint.

3. I'm not a true blonde.
Shh. It's a secret.
No, but really. 
Not many realize my platinum blonde color is fake.
When I say I'm Scandinavian to someone they just imagine blonde.
My real color is sandy blonde (basically brunette) and I have chocolate brown eyes. 
But to answer the question: yes, blondes do have more fun. ;)

4. I study advertising and marketing.
Not sure if I've ever mentioned about my studies on here...
But I'm almost done with my 4 years of marketing education.
I chose my major because I love the opportunity to combine business skills and creative thinking. 
I've loved my studies so far.

5. I used to dance ballet and study music.
I spent about 15 years playing violin and piano, 
and I danced for about 10 years.
I learned so much from those years. So thankful.

I was going for 6 facts but I couldn't think of any more.
Oh well.
Feel free to ask any questions in any language about anything.



never say never

hi lovelies. 

Sorry for the lack of updates.
I've been moving in and out but finally settled in a temporary place on the upper east side.
This area is so unfamiliar to me. 
I've been such a downtown girl until now.
So it's going to take some time to get familiarized.

School starts in one week.
I'm going to graduate very very soon. 
Can't believe time has gone by so fast.

Really looking forward to this fall.
New beginnings, new people, new opportunities, 
and new attitudes. 
A lot has changed but I like it.
I'm enjoying the ride.

much love,

ps. enjoy these tunes. they are my faves at the moment.