slave to the vibe

Hola my friends.

Just a few photos here as an update.
It's been busy and I've got a lot on my mind.
Finding inspiration is super important for me. 
It fuels me up and keeps me going.

So here's a song that really keeps me alive:

Enjoy the music and much love


hot days, endless nights

Quick update on my life:

I had my birthday recently and I celebrated with total strangers.
Rooftop bars and interesting convos.
 Might have been the best birthday ever.

I'm currently interning at an ad agency.
I love learning new things and getting life experience.

I've been roaming around the streets of New York trying to find hidden gems. 
New York summers are really the best.
I still have a lot of things to cross off my summer bucket list but I'm getting there...


p.s. some shameless advertising: