5 random facts

I decided to write something for a change.
I wanted to introduce myself a little bit more with words instead of pictures.

So here it goes.
6 random facts about me.

This probably isn't shocking if you've seen any of my NYC photos.
But I honestly couldn't imagine living anywhere else in the world.
New York and me just belong together. Forever.

2. I don't know how to whistle.
Not sure why this bothers me, but apparently almost everyone knows how to whistle. 
I can whistle by inhaling but then I run out of air and faint.

3. I'm not a true blonde.
Shh. It's a secret.
No, but really. 
Not many realize my platinum blonde color is fake.
When I say I'm Scandinavian to someone they just imagine blonde.
My real color is sandy blonde (basically brunette) and I have chocolate brown eyes. 
But to answer the question: yes, blondes do have more fun. ;)

4. I study advertising and marketing.
Not sure if I've ever mentioned about my studies on here...
But I'm almost done with my 4 years of marketing education.
I chose my major because I love the opportunity to combine business skills and creative thinking. 
I've loved my studies so far.

5. I used to dance ballet and study music.
I spent about 15 years playing violin and piano, 
and I danced for about 10 years.
I learned so much from those years. So thankful.

I was going for 6 facts but I couldn't think of any more.
Oh well.
Feel free to ask any questions in any language about anything.