the calm before the storm

All these pictures were taken before the winter storm Jonas.

New York City was a total ghost town, covered in snow.
It was pretty magical.
For a city that never sleeps, it was strange seeing 
everything freeze completely.

But the city survived from 27 inches of snow.
Now it's recovery time. 
As well as adjusting time to all the snow on the streets.
But nothing is impossible for New York!

Enjoy your week!


new year, fresh start

Happy happy 2016 to you all! 

I've had a fresh start to the new year.
I found an apartment in the East Village 
and moved in a couple of days ago! 

I absolutely love my new area.
It's filled with so much personality.
Street art, charming cafes, tiny boutiques, 
and delicious restaurants.
I've been spending my days just roaming around 
and taking pictures.

I love walking in the city and this location is everything. 
I'm a short walking distance to all the hot spots and areas.
Soho, Chinatown, Little Italy, Noho, Tribeca, etc.
Downtown NYC is where the action is at.

The apartment itself is a gem. 
I've never found a place so quiet in NYC.
It's almost scary how quiet it is. 
No traffic noises, nobody yelling on the streets.
It's my escape from the busy city life. 

Let me know if you would want a post about my new apartment!