everyday we lit

hi guys.

happy august! 

my obsession with neon lights continues.

1&3. Public hotel
2. W Hotel in Times Square

I want to do a Q&A but I need some questions from you guys. 
So please comment down below any questions, thoughts, poems, songs, you want. 
If I don't get any comments from you, I'll just come up with the questions myself :)



glossier review

hi guys.

i recently ordered from glossier.
i wanted to first try out the balm dotcom products.
i was so impressed by the packaging and the products that i wanted to share my thoughts with you. 

so i ordered three balms: birthday, coconut, and cherry. 
they all smell AMAZING.
(if you saw my last beauty post, you know i am obsessed with scented products.) 
but i didn't expect them to look so good on the lips.
birthday (smells like birthday cake) and coconut (!!!) are both untinted but have a shimmer to them.
cherry has the most beautiful hint of red to it without being overpowering. 

plus, these balms are multi-use.
they can be used on lips, cuticles, and dry skin.

the packaging:
cutest packaging ever. 
my products came in a pink pouch with tons of cute stickers.
the pouch will definitely be used to hold my other makeup.
also, the boxes for the balms are so nice i don't want to throw them away. 

i am a new fan of this brand. 
my first experience was good and all their products seem to celebrate natural beauty
 instead of "hardcore" makeup.
i don't wear foundation and i love a dewy, fresh face. 
so i will definitely try more products in the future. 
plus, they're all cruelty free (no bunnies hurt in the process. yay). 

check them out and tell me what you think! 




hi guys.

issa megapost. 

i ran into some technical issues and had to delete all my posts from 2010-2014. 
I wanted to revamp my blog but this wasn't part of my plan.
so sad to lose so many memories on my blog.

But here's some throwback pics that got deleted.
Mostly from NYC but a few pics from London in the mix, too.

sorry again. technology is a gift and a curse. 

much love.


summer beauty essentials

hi guys.
wanted to share my 4 beauty essentials for summer.

This color correct cream is perfect for evening out skin tone but feeling like you have no makeup on! 
I don't wear foundation at all but this product gives me a lightweight alternative to foundation if I want some coverage.
It has SPF30 so it also protects you from the sun. 
I am obsessed with coconut scent and this spray is perfect.
I spray it all over my body before I go out and I smell like coconuts all day. 
Makes me feel like I'm at a beach in the Bahamas when I'm actually stuck in NYC.
(also check out their other scents!)
This product is one of my favs because it smells so good and looks so pretty. 
The oil is perfect for calming down frizzy hair or giving skin a hydrating boost.
This product smells so good too. 
I think I have a obsession with scents...help.
But it's super easy to apply and doesn't leave that white sunscreen mark on your skin.
(the link is to coconut scent, which I don't have yet but will get ASAP)

Hope you enjoyed these favorite beauty items. 
Let me know if you've tried any of these and how you liked them! 



island vibes playlist

hey y'all. 
here's a mini playlist to give you some major island vibes.




hi guys.

can you believe we're already halfway through 2017?

here's me posing in front of Flatiron Building. 
We had a random photoshoot with my friend and blocked some pedestrian traffic. 
But i like how the pics turned out. 

I'm off to celebrate the 4th of July! 
much love! 


Shirt - Urban Outfitters
Shorts - Gucci
Bag - YSL


new project

hi guys.

I wanted to share my new exciting project with you.
I designed a collection of pillows and scarves using my photos for VIDA.
I love the outcome! 
I wanted to design something I would use in my own apartment.

You can check the whole collection HERE ! 

much love.

ps. sorry for the bad image quality. I took screenshots and they came out blurry. 


glad midsommar

Happy midsummer to all my Scandinavian people (and everyone else)!


1. 230 Fifth Rooftop
2. Gansevoort Hotel Meatpacking 


summer + bday

Hi guys! 

It's finally feeling a lot like summer! 
Also, my bday is today. 
The big 25. 
Can't believe it. I still feel 16 sometimes. 

Looking forward to new adventures, new people, and new memories. 
Summer '17. 
Let's do this. 



seen in soho

Here's a few pics from soho.
cool buildings, street art, people. 
love the area.




sorry for the delay of new content.
coming soon. 

here's me thinking about french fries.



korean skincare routine

Hi guys.

So I wanted to share my new skincare find:
The 10-step Korean Skincare routine. 

I have combination skin and some redness on my cheeks. 
My goal was to see if I could even out the skin tone 
and improve the overall texture. 
I also wanted to get rid of my T-zone oiliness 
and achieve a nice, youthful glow. 

I read some articles and watched some Youtube videos. 
This is my own version of the 10-step routine:
(ps. I'm not a skincare expert, 
only sharing what has worked for me)

1. Double-cleansing.
This is so amazing for combo/oily skin.
It gets rid of the excess oils and dirt without drying out the skin.
I first use an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based, foaming cleanser.

2. Exfoliating.
Too much exfoliating can be harsh for your skin.
I should know, I used to do it every day. 
I now do it 1-2 times a week.

3. Toner.
 My favorite step! 
It soothes the skin after cleansing and exfoliating and makes the skin feel so fresh. 

4. Serum and essence. 
I have been using a serum or a sheet mask 
but haven't tried the essence yet. 
There are different serums for different skin concerns.

5. Eye cream.
I didn't use eye cream before but now I'm obsessed. 
My eyes feel so hydrated and it makes me look awake.

6. Moisturizer.
During the day I use a gel moisturizer to avoid oiliness.
It's always good to have some SPF mixed in to avoid sun damage.
At night I switch to a thicker, creamy moisturizer. 

7. Face mist.
I like to add a hydrating face mist to finish the routine and add extra glow.

I do this routine twice a day. 
I've done it now for 2 weeks. 
My skin has never felt so smooth.
My skin is completely clear 
and my oiliness and redness have calmed down a lot. 

I would recommend this routine to anyone who has skin concerns such as oiliness, redness, acne, or dryness. 
Or if you're just curious to test it out, that's fine, too. 

comment below any questions/thoughts. 




Hey guys!

I wanted to rewind a bit and share some pics 
I've taken over the years. 
Brings back so many crazy memories! 
Hope you enjoy! 



march madness

Hi guys! 
This month has been full of drama and events.
Complete March Madness. 

I have so many projects going on, can't wait to update you all on some of them! 

It's slowly getting warmer here in NYC 
and I'm so ready for spring! 
I'm so tired of layers upon layers 
and super excited to wear all my denim and leather jackets! 

I'll be back very soon with new content! 



mixed drinks about feelings

Been loving this spring weather we've had in February.

So anyways,
just dropping by to say hi.



shake it like a polaroid picture

I'm working on a new polaroid project.
I've been transforming archive pics I've taken into polaroids. 
I love editing pictures so this has been fun.
So far these are my favorites. 

Hope you enjoy!