beauty favorites

Hi guys! 
I wanted to share some of my current beauty favorites 
for face, hair and body. 

These products work for me so not expecting everyone 
to like them as much as I do. 
But I'm obsessed with these items and wanted to spread the word.
I put in links so you can easily shop the products!  

Absolutely love this product. 
It has a gel like consistency and feels so fresh on your face. 
I use this spray multiple times a day. 
It smells like peppermint and gives a nice, healthy glow to your face. 
Don't let the lavender color fool you. 
This primer brightens up dull skin and gives you a glow. 
I don't use foundation so I use this primer just by itself.
Sometimes I use products without really knowing how they work. 
This serum is supposed to repair and protect your skin.
But I love how smooth it makes my skin and also improves my skin tone.

I've been using this on my hair for a long time.
I spray it after the shower and before styling my hair.
It smells amazing and makes my hair silky soft.
I couldn't live without dry shampoo and this one is my fav.
I like the travel sized products because I can take them everywhere with me.
I found this while I was in Finland. 
I think it's a unisex product.
It smells so delicious and makes my hair so smooth and healthy.

I try to use cruelty-free, all natural products as much as I can.
I'm not always checking the labels, which I should start doing.
But this body butter is ideal for very dry skin.
It was my hero this winter! 
I think this is a men's cologne but I don't care.
I actually wear more men's cologne than perfumes because I'm not a fan
of very sweet, flowery scents.
This is probably my favorite scent of all time.
I love a little glow and sparkle on my skin.
I use this in the summer for that extra wow factor.
I moisturize my skin like crazy.
This balm is my favorite because it gives my skin a glow 
and makes it buttery soft. 
And it smells like coffee! 

Hope you enjoyed my favorite products!
Comment below if you have any beauty product suggestions 
or experience using these specific products! 


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