korean skincare routine

Hi guys.

So I wanted to share my new skincare find:
The 10-step Korean Skincare routine. 

I have combination skin and some redness on my cheeks. 
My goal was to see if I could even out the skin tone 
and improve the overall texture. 
I also wanted to get rid of my T-zone oiliness 
and achieve a nice, youthful glow. 

I read some articles and watched some Youtube videos. 
This is my own version of the 10-step routine:
(ps. I'm not a skincare expert, 
only sharing what has worked for me)

1. Double-cleansing.
This is so amazing for combo/oily skin.
It gets rid of the excess oils and dirt without drying out the skin.
I first use an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based, foaming cleanser.

2. Exfoliating.
Too much exfoliating can be harsh for your skin.
I should know, I used to do it every day. 
I now do it 1-2 times a week.

3. Toner.
 My favorite step! 
It soothes the skin after cleansing and exfoliating and makes the skin feel so fresh. 

4. Serum and essence. 
I have been using a serum or a sheet mask 
but haven't tried the essence yet. 
There are different serums for different skin concerns.

5. Eye cream.
I didn't use eye cream before but now I'm obsessed. 
My eyes feel so hydrated and it makes me look awake.

6. Moisturizer.
During the day I use a gel moisturizer to avoid oiliness.
It's always good to have some SPF mixed in to avoid sun damage.
At night I switch to a thicker, creamy moisturizer. 

7. Face mist.
I like to add a hydrating face mist to finish the routine and add extra glow.

I do this routine twice a day. 
I've done it now for 2 weeks. 
My skin has never felt so smooth.
My skin is completely clear 
and my oiliness and redness have calmed down a lot. 

I would recommend this routine to anyone who has skin concerns such as oiliness, redness, acne, or dryness. 
Or if you're just curious to test it out, that's fine, too. 

comment below any questions/thoughts.