how to spot a fake chanel

hi guys.
i wanted to write something different for a change.
i recently came across some fake chanel bags 
and have done a lot of research on how to distinguish a fake chanel from a real one.

disclaimer: i don't support the counterfeit business. 
i think it's awful how widely popular it has become 
and how easy it is to replicate the signatures of other brands.
however, i found these fakes in thrift shops for very cheap and they're all pretty realistic knockoffs. 
i wanted to add them to my closet as well as learn more about them.

these bags are "super fakes" and look very realistic at first glance. 
i don't have a real chanel for comparison but i think the differences are easy to describe verbally. 

this was my first chanel find. 
it looks pretty fake just by looking at it. 
maybe chanel has made a bag in this lime green color but it just screams knockoff to me.

the bag isn't real leather, which is the biggest warning sign. 
authentic chanel bags are usually lambskin leather or have a "caviar" finish. 

this was my second find. 
it's a smaller size and looks pretty realistic from afar.

however, real chanel bag straps don't have stitching and this one has.
The leather should be folded with no stitching visible. 

the interior color also gives information on the authenticity.
if the bag has a red interior, it should be burgundy instead of bright red. 
this bag has a pretty realistic color compared to some other fakes i've seen.

this fake chanel came with an authenticity card.
it's pretty realistic looking and thick like a credit card. 
if the card is bendable then it's not real. 
it also should not have a "holographic" effect.

every real chanel has it's own serial number sticker. 
but even the fakes have stickers. 
the serial number should be between 6-8 digits, depending on when the chanel was manufactured. 
if the sticker has more than 8 digits, it's fake. 

the screws can tell you if the bag is authentic. 
these screws don't match with the ones chanel uses.
also, chanel should be on the left side of the lock, and paris on the right. 
on the fake ones the words are on the opposite side. 

my third "chanel" is the boy bag.
i'm pretty sure this bag is leather which makes it feel authentic.

the cc-logo on the authentic chanels is rounded.
the fake ones have sharp edges.
the right C should overlap on the top of the left C.
also the overall look of the lock should usually tell you the authenticity. 

anyways, i hope this post was helpful.
if you have any questions or anything to add, feel free to comment below. 

have a great weekend.


everyday we lit

hi guys.

happy august! 

my obsession with neon lights continues.

1&3. Public hotel
2. W Hotel in Times Square

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